Thank you. The best of Aici Acolo 2010\2011

23 Aug

Last year we resigned from life of security, conformity and conservatism. We choosed adventure not being sure what will bring the future. We were not escaping from our safe worlds we left behind. All was about following the dreams. It was about finding our own place in reality.

No special plans. Just open mind, smile, big heart, passion and enthusiasm, that’s all we brought to Romania. We brought to Romania ourselves with all our cultural and personal differences. We came here because we wanted to make the change, because we wanted to feel that we have impact on the world and human beings. We wanted to share with others with all our values, not expecting nothing in return. But in return of our effort we received the childrens smile of happiness, gratitude of the teachers and nurses, support of our organisation and amazing chance to look at the life from another perspective.

Thank you everybody for this incredibly amazing year full of adventures and good energy coming from all the sides.

We would not do what we have done without help and support we received!

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Hospitals — summary

21 Aug

It was amazing year for all of us. But now it is time to sum up what we have done and what we have learnt during this great experience in Romania. First of all by working with children some of us discovered but also improved pedagogical skills. Some of us were working with kids before coming to Romania, so working here was a great chance to develop in the pedagogical field. Espacially great experience was work in the hospitals where we were performing clinic animation for children in three hospitals in Bucharest. We were teaching children various things, playing with them games, drawing and colouring with them, making origami, as well many various things related to the art.

We enjoyed very much our work and we believe that also for our children it was great and also useful time, which helped them to forget for a while about the reasons why they are staying in the hospital. Soon will come the new generation of volunteers, who will continue what we were doing during last year.

Below you can watch some pictures presenting our work in the hospitals 🙂

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Social centres

5 Aug

In June, when we finished our work in kindergartens, we started to work in few social centres in Bucharest: Adapostul de noapte, Eu si Prietenii mei, Sf. Vasile, Sf Spiridon, Centrul Harap Alb.

We are making for the children  parts of our lessons, playing with them games from our countries, singing and dancing traditional songs and dances typical for our countries.

These activities become a permenent activity also for the future volunteers who will come to Bucharest in September.

Children for children

5 Aug

Even our children from kindergartens are on holidays and the Aici Acolo project in kindergartens is completed, we still have new ideas which we want to implement during our stay in Romania.

Terje from Estonia from Diversity project is already working on a great project. She is organizing action ”Children for children” in which children from hospitals in Romania will draw or write postcards for children in hospitals from other countries.

The idea of the project is to show to the children staying in hospitals that they are not alone with their health problems. That there are also more children in other countries who have similar situation. That way we want to cheer up the children and bring them more joy and happiness even during their stay in hospitals.

Anyone who is interested in supporting our project is welcomed. So if you know organisations or volunteers interested in helping in that small project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance! 🙂

A.C.T.O.R. supporting Zamolxes

6 Jun

Last Sunday, three A.C.T.O.R. volunteers Terje, Claudia and Ewa were supporting our friends from organisation Zamolxes during the event in Campina.

The event was related to the International Children’s Day. Zamolxes prepared for children lots of surprises like artistic programme as well as various activities: making baloons, origami and facepainting. A.C.T.O.R. team was supporting friends from Zamolxes in facepainting. The children had various wishes from flowers and butterflies, to prince, king, rabbit, tiger or dragon. All of us were doing our best to make the childrens’ faces not only painted well, but also happy and smiling 🙂

A big thank you to Zamolxes for very nice cooperation and nice time together during the event! Heartfelt thanks also to Florin for his hospitality and infecting others with his positive energy! Thank you!:-)

Read also on another our blog.

Ziua Copilului in Campina

5 Jun


1st of June International Children’s Day

5 Jun

Regarding to International Children’s Day A.C.T.O.R. was participating in few events during which volunteers were making workshops for children in different places.

Some of us visited kindergarten 129, others went to social centre Sf. Vasile and also to the event in Tineretului Park. Three of us were also invited by teachers and parents of children from kindergarten 43 for open lesson. It was really nice to be so warm welcomed by all the parents. We would like to say a big thank you also for the dinner after the event!

On Friday we also presented short shadow stories and games from our countries during the event organized by United Way, our sponsor from the hospitals. Event took place in various locations of Raiffeisen Bank.

It was really nice to see happy faces of the kids and to celebrate with them Children’s Day!

1st of June in kindergarten 129

2 Jun

Only two months left and Aici Acolo project will be completed. Most of us will return to their countries and bring with them memories of living and working in Romania.  For sure we will bring very good memories related to our work in   kindergarten 129 (at the street Str. Izvorul Crisului). Going there was a was a real pleasure!

On 1st of June when we came there with the visit, we saw around  not only Aici Acolo posters and flags from our countries, but there was waiting us also few surprises: children presented us the games they know from our lessons and prepared also short dancing show. Everything thanks to Gigi! Her involvement in the project, support and enthusiasm made that the atmosphere during our lessons was really great! Cooperation with Gigi was really wonderful experience! Thank you Gigi! 🙂

Origami workshop in Park Cismingu, 29 Mai 2011

31 May

Last Sunday all enthusiasts of origami had a chance to participate in a phantastic workshop lead by A.C.T.O.R. The event took place in Cismingu Park and was related to International Children’s Day.

Children and their parents interested in folding paper were coming to our table to make various figures in paper. We were teaching them how to make simple as well as more difficult things. Origami notebooks, flowers, birds, snails and other animals were quickly appearing on our table. Very popular became an origami cube, which had lots of fans not only among the kids. To our surprise some children were really passionate of origami! 🙂

We hope that these children who did not know before origami, after our workshop become  more interested in the art of folding paper and maybe origami become their new hobby. We wish this to them and also to ourselves!

Thank you to all participants of our workshop! It was a great pleasure to share the knowledge and have fun together when doing origami figures! To see you on our next workshops! 🙂

Festival Aici Acolo 9 Mai 2011

11 May

Colourful costumes and sounds from different countries, this we could see in Tandarica on 9 Mai during Aici Acolo Festival.

This event was a kind of summary of our project Aici Acolo. During last months all A.C.T.O.R. volunteers were presenting  cultures of their countries in schools and kindergartens. Festival Aici Acolo was organized to give the children the chance to show us our cultures from the other perspective. It was so nice to see children from Romanian schools and kindergartens dancing national dances from other countries or singing songs in foreign languages. With the help of the teachers they made amazing performance!

Children were singing in Estonian, German and French, dancing waltz, polonez, flamenco and other national dances from eleven different countries like Romania, Austria, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Lituania, Italy and Spain. Great and creative costumes, beautiful melodies and shouts of joy built amazing atmosphere during the performance.

It was a great pleasure for all our team to see that hard work and effort we put to present our cultures to the children brought such phantastic results. A big thank you to all the teachers who prepared the children for this great performance! And of course to the actors of that event, children from Romanian schools and kindergartens!

Thank you and hope to see you all again during the next editions of the Aici Acolo Festival!